TFR 3: Two Thumbs Up

This week, Austin and Albert pay tribute to the great Roger Ebert and the legacy he left, forever changing the way we watch and analyse movies. We share our favorite Ebert memories, as well as other critics that inspire us. Then we talk at length about Jurassic Park 3D, will the all wonders it holds. This is Two Thumbs Up! Cast Links: Your Movie Sucks by Roger Ebert Roger Ebert vs. Rob Schneider Life Itself by Roger Ebert That Guy With The Glasses Nostalgia Critic’s Siskel and Ebert Tribute and Farewell to Roger Ebert Red Letter Media Reel Opinions by Ryan Cullen B-Movie Message Board Film Brain’s Projector and Bad Movie Beatdown E-mail us: Twitter us: @FilmRoomCast Albert: @PrimitiveManPrd Austin: @untitleduser RIP, Roger Ebert. Next: A Fish Called Wanda

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