TFR: The Lost Tapes – Oogiehate

Welcome, welcome to FUN! This is technically our Episode 0. About a month before we had the idea to start the cast, we partook in an experiment of sorts. We watched The Oogieloves in The Big Balloon Adventure and saved the resulting chat, spurring a discussion which germinated into the podcast you know today. What is contained within is a dramatic re-reading of that insane chat, with movie audio accompaniment. We discuss why this monumental theatrical flop not only doesn’t work as a film, but as a piece of children’s entertainment. We had a lot of fun doing this, and hope you will too! These are the lost tapes! E-mail us: Twitter us: @FilmRoomCast Albert: @PrimitiveManPrd Austin: @untitleduser You can find the original chat, “The Oogieloves: A Journey Into Madness” in its raw form here. Austin’s B-Movie Message Board review is here. Cinema Snob’s hilarious parking lot review of Oogieloves. End song: Upular (Up Remix) by Pogo Up Next (Really!): A Fish Called Wanda – The Career of John Cleese

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