TFR 7: Send In The ‘Toons

This week, Austin and Albert have a rather Looney chat about two movies featuring characters that shaped their childhoods. One a classic, one an oddity, we’re talking Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Space Jam!
In these two live-action-mixed-with-animation films, why did one work and one not? What defining factors made the difference? Why is Lola Bunny so terrible, and Jessica Rabbit so great? Can modern interpretations of the Looney Tunes work? These questions and more will be pondered and possibly answered in Send In The ‘Toons!
Opening remix: “Who Slammed Roger Rabbit” by Albert Wiltfong
…I’m so sorry.
Get the original and “extended” mixes! (right click “save as” to download)
“Charles” the dog’s freaky cartoon eyes:
Disturbing motivational poster:
Side-by-side Lola from Space Jam and Looney Tunes Show:
Roger Rabbit Shorts:
Ending songs:
“Smile Darn Ya, Smile” from the Roger Rabbit Soundtrack
“We Are In Love” – Lola Bunny and Bugs Bunny from The Looney Tunes Show
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Next Time: Kevin Smith!

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