TFR 8: SMithcast

Hello and welcome!

We are back to revisit one of our favorite directors, Kevin Smith! It has been a while since either of us has caught up with the man, and figured it was high time we did just that. In this jumbo-sized cast, we delve into the (almost) complete filmography of the greatest director to come out of Jersey!

Needless to say, our EXPLICIT TAG is in full effect here; not for the squeamish. So if you’re cool with that, sit back and enjoy our SMithcast!
SPOILER WARNING: Red State spoilers are from 1:23:34 to 1:33:34. Mild spoilers for all other films.
Opening: “SModcast Theme”
Music throughout: Soundtrack cues from their respective films
End: “Jungle Love” by Morris Day and the Time
Stinger: Clerks Cartoon
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My Boring-Ass Life: The Blog and The Book
An Evening With Kevin Smith DVDs – Any and all of them. Well worth the time (and money).
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Next Time: Howard the Duck!

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