TFR 9: Wright Here Wright Now

Velkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome.

This week we discuss one of our very favorite directors, Edgar Wright! With Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost having completed their Cornetto Trilogy this past weekend with The World’s End (It’s great, you should go see it), we discuss Wright’s other works, and generally what makes his high-energy style tick. Along the ride, there are lots of blink-and-you’ll-miss-it jokes and hidden bits of symbolism that make Wright’s style unique and infinitely re-watchable.
So Join the Club in our tribute to Edgar Wright!
Opening: Hot Fuzz Dialogue/Here Come the Fuzz – Jon Spencer and the Elegant Too
Bedded throughout: Soundtracks to respective films
Closing: The Cornetto Megamix – Mike Relm
Albert went to Alamo Drafthouse’s Cornetto Trilogy screening on Thursday night and had a blast!
Edgar Wright’s Personal Blog: Official source for all your Edgar Wright production news, etc!
Tease Me, Baby – Albert’s The World’s End Trailer write-up on The Website of DOOM!
Film Brain’s Projector: Keith Lemon – The Film
Ant Man test footage (There’s more of it, but you’ll have to dig around.)
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