TFR: The Lost Tapes – Fantastic 1994


Welcome to our Marvel bonus cast! This one lives up to the Lost Tapes name by truly being a Lost film! The unreleased, ultra-low-budget 1994 version of Fantastic Four is a thing that not only exists, but thanks to the efforts of some impassioned individuals with a YouTube account, is freely available to watch!
But why make a film and not release it? Was it that bad? Was it ever intended to be released? If so, why put so much effort into it?
Listen as Al and Austin dive into the film and come out with a few unexpected surprises.
NOTE: For our Lost Tapes riffs, we of course edit the films down to be listenable and riffable, so they usually wind up to be about half the film’s total length. And especially for this film, we recommend giving it a watch on your own, it’s a spectacle to behold. You can do so here.
Have some gifs!
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