Ultimate Avengers 2

Ultimate Avengers 2 (2006, 73 minutes)

Plot: The Avengers have to team up with Black Panther to stop the same aliens from Ultimate Avengers.

Source Material: This is still credited as being based on The Ultimates. Aside from designs and a mild rift between Giant Man and Wasp, there’s no sign. I guess the villains being the Chiaturi, who might as well be generic aliens and really are. The BP stuff is all new with his mask becoming a literal panther face. It’s actually a pretty strange costume that pales next to the classic look.

Animation: It’s still not very good. A bit better than the previous film but still TV. There’s a lot of this film that takes place in bunkers. Characters aren’t all that expressive. It’s just meh.

Script: This isn’t a full film. Like can I stress that as hard as I can? It doesn’t in any way feel like an actual movie. It’s the second half of Ultimate Avengers but shallower somehow. I know a lot of sequels feel like that but in this case it’s pathetic. The minimal character work isn’t good. Bruce Banner whines. Giant Man and Wasp fight. The villains stink. Bad.

Voice Acting: Still not good. It really is TV level. Next.

Final verdict: Oh I screwed up on watching this next to The Invincible Iron Man. These two films drained me. This is worse than that one though. At least it clearly was a movie. This is just a second half story with nothing to recommend. I think the big problem with the UA duology is they don’t feel at all like their sources. There’s none of that spark. They’re just generic superhero films with no flavor. They’re the antithesis ofd the best of this project. 1/5.

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