TFR: Episode Alpha

Hello! This our first Patreon-only incentive episode! It’s a full episode that’s very special, because it serves as the 3-year-earlier prototype for what you are listening to today!

What makes it extra special is it was recorded about an hour after we met for the first time in person (we had become internet friends 6 months beforehand), AND thus is our first ever recorded conversation! (Recorded August 2, 2010)
It’s the last surviving episode of Albert’s previous podcast, and thus is not available ANYWHERE else, making it a fully-produced lost relic.
You can listen to this fabled super-lost cast by becoming a patron for only $1 a month! Yeah! And that single dollar also gains you access to all future bonus content (we will have plenty!), WITH the added benefit of helping our regular cast branch out and do new things!
Don’t worry, we’ll still regularly put out full episodes of the cast for free (at least two a month), but your patronage lets us put in that extra kick that allows us to grow!
As always, thanks for listening and just being there!

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