TFR 83: Predestined (w/Guest AJ Muller)

As you may well know, Time Travel is an easy way to sell a film for us. Not always, but say it involves time travel, and we’re all “go onnnn..”. WELL strap in because this week have the mother (and father) of all time travel films to talk about, and we have a guest along for the ride!

We have columnist AJ Muller with us to talk Predestination! A movie that was seemingly dropped into the filmic landscape with no other explanation besides itself, Predestination is impossible to talk about with delving into MASSIVE spoilers, so be warned.. this cast is one giant spoiler. HOWEVER that’s not to say that knowing what happens prepares you for the film, because it does not. So grab your seatbelts folks, as we talk Predestination!

You can find AJ Muller’s writings at Daily Grindhouse as well as Horror View, where you can read his article on Predestination.

You can also find AJ on Twitter: @aj_macready


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