Batman and Harley Quinn: The Video Review and Extra Thoughts by Austin Shinn

So, I did that barely visible review on Monday night as my way of hurriedly getting my thoughts out on the film and playing at being Brad Jones. By and large I think it’s a thorough a review as it needed but I did want to share the review and expand on it with a few bullet points. So without further ado…

  • First off, I want to assure Ivy/Harley shippers that if anything the film doubles down on that ship. The ending is entirely dependent on their affection for each other. That said, have you rewatched Harley and Ivy? I’m all for that ship but it was launched in an unwatchably sexist episode of TV that depicted some truly toxic relationships. Just a dreadful piece of TV.
  • The Nightwing/Harley implied sex scene… I’ll be blunt: That’s rape. It’s completely rape. Yes he eventually consents but it’s after some aggression by a woman he knows is dangerous and violent. This scene is one long study in how never to handle sexual violence in the media, especially with Batman blaming Nightwing.
  • Kevin Michael Richardson is awesome as the Floronic Man, but when isn’t he great? Richardson is one of those guys who can do anything. He’s voiced everything from intimidating figures with deep voices to rednecks.
  • Melissa Rauch however really did not belong here. She’s OK but adds absolutely nothing that someone like Tara Strong would’ve brought. In fact she’s damnably one note throughout. All she is is a “name” for the film but she’s miscast really.
  • And seriously, I did not need her covering Blondie in full. I have no idea what the hell that sequence was but it’s among the absolute worst in the entire genre.
  • The movie wants to be a comedy but I’m not sure Bruce Timm knows what comedy is. He plays everything very slapstick and vulgar but it’s never funny. In fact it’s highly annoying. The only scene that works is Batman and Nightwing talking to Booster Gold which was funny.
  • The Swamp Thing scene. OK, I get the joke is you expect a deus ex machina and are thwarted. Two problems: the film is obscenely padded already and secondly there isn’t any payoff. Harley makes a suggestion and the film ends. Nothing more. Just a quick shot of Woodrue running away. This isn’t good.
  • DC Animation: Y’all shouldn’t be feeling happy right now. This year you’ve given us an ok but slightly disappointing film (Teen Titans: The Judas Contract), a dreadful film (Justice League Dark), and now your absolute worst film yet. Next up: Gotham by Gaslight which has a chance. After that, a Suicide Squad film, which also could work. But then? Two part redo of The Death of Superman. NO! Bad move. You already did it with Superman: Doomsday. It was honestly pretty good. There are too many unfilmed stories to double back now.
  • The theatrical experience was solid but I stress again: Of the three films to get this treatment, two were among the worst in the line. This is not boding well for these films. Give a good one a shot, please.

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