What the Ship?! TSHS Contest!

Ahoy Shipmates!

As we have announced recently, we have started our first contest! Prize is a package from us, with focus being two weekend passes to Naka Kon in Kansas City, MO in March!

So here are the details:

Submit either a) a nicely-worded paragraph, b)  story (written by you), or c) piece of art (made by you) about your OTP (One True Pair)! If you choose to submit a paragraph, you must detail, according to you, why these two are made for each other. Ships can either be romantic or platonic. If the ship is romantic in nature, please have all parties be 18 or older. (Or if they’re teens, all parties must be 13-17. Keep it legal!)

To avoid potential conflicts, all characters present in the ship must be established characters in fiction. No OCs will be allowed. The characters can be as obscure as you like, but we must be able to easily google them.

All works and descriptions MUST be PG-13 at maximum. No porn allowed. As such, characters in your ship cannot be from a porn or hentai source. They can however be from as R-Rated a source as possible without being porn. (ex. any characters from Panty and Stocking w/Garterbelt would be allowed).

Source of characters from your ship can be any TV or internet show, movie, video game, book, what have you. Characters must be fictional, or at least a highly fictionalized version of a historical character (non-living by at least 70 years). (Ex. Hamilton: An American Musical, because sure whynot.)

One (1) entry per person, no exceptions. Contestants must be 10 or older. Contestants under 18 must get their parents’ permission before entering.

Submit all entries to us via email by the deadline at midnight Central Standard Time on the night of Friday March 2, 2018.

Ninny: thestrangequinzel@gmail.com
Alfonzo: tophkka@gmail.com

Any questions? Concerns? E-mail or message us! All official contest entries must be sent through the e-mails listed above.

The winning prize comes with two (2) weekend passes, however it will be up to the winner to decide whether they need both passes. If they do not, another decision will take place to determine who gets the second pass.

Happy Shipping!

-A & N

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