Review: Solar Opposites (season 1)

I’ve never seen Rick and Morty and I’m not thinking I ever will. Just getting that out there at the start. Most likely I’ll pass on it. The fanbase has seen to that. So keep that in mind it this review. I haven’t seen it. I’m not comparing this to that. So with that out of the way, review time.

Solar Opposites is the latest adult animated show to follow the classic well worn tradition of absurd situations that couldn’t work in live action. It’s a show about a group of aliens: stern Korvo (cocreator Justin Roiland), idiot Terry (Thomas Middleditch), prankster Yumulack (Sean Giambrone), and girl Jesse (Mary Mack). Their planet exploded and they’ve crashed on Earth. They’re stuck here and they don’t fit in. Inevitable shenanigans ensue. Also there’s a plot about people shrunk in a wall. Boy do I not want to go into that. Y’all get to find that one.

So look, this is not a new idea for a show. Hard R 3rd Rock From the Sun with a Futurama feel through an Adult Swin filter. You can safely guess what you’re getting. There’s a lot of weird, edgy humor here. There’s a lot of randomness. Things happen that are obscenely over the top including several apocalyptic level events. You know what this is.

And damn is it rather great at it. This is a familiar style but it’s utterly brilliantly executed. Yesterday I noted Wolverine: The Long Night felt ludicrously padded. This? It’s a fast 8 20 minute episodes. You can binge this in an afternoon and not get bored. It’s hard to with as many weird events as it depicts.

I mean this is a show where a TV character is brought to life and that leads to the town nearly being destroyed. We get a robot who destroys man caves. There’s the inevitable drug plot. The show riffs on college tropes. These are funny plots and they’re imaginatively expressed as everything gets worse and worse. And again… the wall. Oh how that plot builds.

The show benefits from four rather fun characters who might be again tropes but they’re a hoot. Roiland’s Korvo is a hysterical cynic whose anger is felt. Terry is the always needed Todd Chavez type character and Middleditch nails it. I also enjoyed Giambrone and Mack’s characters, the standard kids who aren’t exactly kids in these.

If I have a complaint, it’s one that’s more an observation. The show desperately needs to cool it with the profanity. I don’t mind and even cherish a good f-bomb but this is way too much. Some are extremely well executed here, especially when Roiland makes music of them. But a lot are just “well we can say it.” It loses the impact. Think of how potent Bojack Horseman using the terms was. That said, the constant graphic violence that goes with the show’s no censorship? It’s wonderful! Wow does it shine.

This is also too short. It’s nice we get 8 great episodes but 4 more would’ve made it more satisfying. I expect another season with the show a hit but I need much more. It feels like the show only got started.

This is on Hulu and it’s such an easy recommend. Silly, goofy, familiar, hilarious.

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