TFR 118: Novel Approach (w/Guest Mike Sacks)

This week we are joined by comedy writer Mike Sacks to talk about his books Passable in Pink and Stinker Lets Loose!, based on the 80’s and 70’s films of the same name (which are definitely not available on Netflix). Come join us for a great discussion of the allure of film novelizations, parody, and how movies age through the decades. Afterwards (or even beforehand if you like), we deeply encourage you to check out Mike’s books, they are well worth your while.

Buy the physical books and check out the fully-cast, fully-produced audiobooks here:
Passable in Pink (physical) (Audible production)
Stinker Lets Loose! (physical) (Audible production)

The physical books are chock full of bonus details, and the Audible productions include the likes of Gillian Jacobs, Adam Scott, Bobby Moynihan, Bob Odenkirk, Jon Hamm, Eric Martin, Andy Richter, Paul F. Thompkins, and many many more!

Go to, where you can check out the rest of Mike’s books and projects!

Follow Mike on Twitter at @michaelbsacks!

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