The Tie-Ins That Bind: DuckTales: Scrooge’s Quest by Marv Wolfman

Can we accept something? DuckTales The Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp is a lot of fun but it’s not the movie you dream of when you think of the show. It’s well animated but none of the major villains or supporting cast are there. A fun film but just NOT what the show deserved. What we deserved was a grand epic that tied the show together. Magica DeSpell, Flintheart Glmogold, and the Beagle Boys teaming up. That’s the epic we deserved.

And that’s what we got in Scrooge’s Quest, a 7 issue saga written by the writer of Crisis on Infinite Earths, Marv Wolfman. I didn’t know this when I read it at 6. I knew it was an ongoing story I was gripped by but I knew nothing about Crisis. So going back to this as a comic fan, I realized who wrote it and I got excited. This 100% was worth the hype.

The comic does not tell a simple story. When Webby gets kidnapped, Scrooge loses his lucky dime in a desperate attempt to save her. Losing his dime sets in motion a series of events that results in Duckburg falling under the control of Flintheart. So Scrooge has a three tier fight. Save Webby. Get his dime and fortune back. Save the town. This is an epic.

What you have here is something rare then and rare now. A kids comic written by a writer specializing in mainstream comics at their top tier and writing it like those. Make no mistake. This is Marv Wolfman’s DuckTales. It reads with the density of Crisis which is a crazy thing to see.

But it works and I know it works having hit it at both sides. As a kid this was thrilling, exciting work that I had to have every issue. It never felt above me. But at the same time as an adult it never feels below me. Wolfman wrote a gripping, funny pulp saga. Compare him to the pallid writing we get now and he’s almost startling.

If I’m oddly deficient on things to say about the book’s art, that’s to acknowledge it ain’t much. This is a book by committee. Cosme Quartieri and the Joey Diaz Studio drew it. It’s far from unattractive but there is a definite control to it. There’s no distinct voice the way Carl Barks and Don Rosa are. It does the job.

This book is what we deserved on film. Would it likely be a 2.5 hour film? Yes. But this is worth it. It’s hard to find but worth a hunt.

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