OPX 1: A Galaxy of Sound (w/Guest Dirk Maggs)

The Omniplex is now open! We’re your hosts, Austin, Albert, and Zephyr. For the flagship episode of our expanded format, we had a lovely conversation with radio drama veteran Dirk Maggs about his career creating “audio movies” for the ever-changing listener landscape. We talk everything from The Sandman, his recent project with Neil Gaiman for Audible, to his adaptations of the Hitchhiker’s Guide radio serials, Dirk Gently, Superman, Batman, Alien, Independence Day UK, and much more.

You can follow Dirk on twitter at @DirkMaggs
Be sure to visit Dirk’s website for info about his past and future projects!

The Sandman is available now as an Audible Original. We highly recommend you check it out, it is a lot of fun and well worth your time.

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Podcast Art by Amy Blue (shylostconfused)

Logo Art by Albert Wiltfong using Marquee font

Up next: 2007!

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