TOOTS 2: Nipple Lung? (The Santa Clarita Diet)

Due to the wild success of the first meeting of our (totally secret) podcast, we call to order our second! This week, Max demands we review the Netflix Drew Barrymore creation The Santa Clarita Diet. You’ve probably seen this Zom Com hanging around Netflix on your streaming travels, but have you taken the time to click and watch? To possibly discover the joys of Mr. Ball Legs, or stumble into the hunters of the ancient order of the Knights of Serbia (CULT!)? Well now is the time! Let humble Order members Tab and Al lead you through the series and maybe take you on a light revolt over its’ untimely cancellation.

There is a petition to bring it back! It’s a few years old, but hey WE WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO MR. BALL LEGS, DANGIT! (Sorry for the swear.) Sign the petition.

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Podcast Art by Albert Wiltfong

Them composed and performed by Albert Wiltfong and Tab Smith using GarageBand

Up next: Tiger King/Cecil Hotel

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