TOOTS 3: Not Afraid to Burn in Hell? (Tiger King/Cecil Hotel)

We call this third, our third meeting of the Snoots to order with a Netflix docuseries two-fer. We mark the beginning and the end (hopefully) of the quarantine by reminiscing about the crazy crazy big cat people of Tiger King. With Max and Theo (our own Big Cat), we sniff out the eccentricities of one Joe Exotic as he bashes (for some reason) Cool Cat lady Carole Baskin. Murder for hire, an almost literal and specific CULT, and golden balls (don’t even ask), this is a wild series. We also talk Crime Scene: Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel, a series we hope is about ghosts and murderers, and end up being about a mystery that isn’t really even a mystery.

To view a much better version of Tiger King, we recommend you watch Tiger King: The Parody by Monica Ortega on Youtube. All the same info, but shorter and funnier.

Tiger KingCecil Hotel

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Podcast Art by Albert Wiltfong

Them composed and performed by Albert Wiltfong and Tab Smith using GarageBand

Up next: WandaVision!

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