TOOTS 4: Purple Pepis? (WandaVision)

This, our fourth session of The Order of the Snoot, has begun! This week Tab, Al, and a VERY active Max take a peek at WandVision, Marvel’s first Disney+ direct-to-MCU tie-in show. (Do NOT ask us to dissect that all those qualifiers, we’re begging you..) Our conversation takes us from 90’s nostalgia (aka the best nostalgia), to arguing over the complexities of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, to the fact that DVD’s can’t be that old (they are), and really just lamenting over the passage of time in general. Come for the Wanda, stay for the sexy commercial break!

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Podcast Art by Albert Wiltfong

Them composed and performed by Albert Wiltfong and Tab Smith using GarageBand

Up next: What We Do in the Shadows!

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