TSHS #54: Fandom Longevity

Ahoy, Shipmates! Your Captains Ninny and Alfonzo here with another shipment of nerd! This week we talk some Steven spoilers, the Fortnite Black Hole, and Captain Alfonzo makes the first F-bomb slip-up in our new format! All this and more, so tune in on your pirate radios, won’t you?

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TSHS #53: Tales From the Hiatus!

Ahoy, shipmates! We are Captains Ninny and Alfonzo, back from sailing the Haitus seas, and boy do we have some stories for you! Everything from updates from the nerd world, including Spiderman and Steven Universe, to work stories, to gaming obsessions, we’re back and we have it all!

Note: We have decided moving forward to prerecord the program, rather than do live shows. What we lose in the live audience feature, we gain in better regularity in the release schedule (including being able to release the youtube and audio podcast formats simultaneously), better tech with smoother visuals and way less technical glitches, and what we feel is just an all-out better experience. We appreciate each and every one of you and cannot do the show with your loving support! Don’t stop interacting with us, leave a comment, like, subscribe, email, give us precious, precious feedback! Until next time: YARRRR!

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TFR 111: Spiderman ’77 (W/Guest Paul Andolina)

DISCLAIMER: This cast was recorded a year ago, before the Sony/Marvel Split, before Spiderman: Far From Home came out, and well before Endgame came out, so there are some.. unfortunate anachronisms. We kept them in because it’s a weird time capsule which serves as a stark highlight for recent events.

Hello and welcome! This week we delve into some Marvel Cinematic AU with returning guest Paul Andolina with the 1977 Spiderman Made-for-TV movie!

We also briefly discuss other ’70s Marvel Movie attempts and wax about how far we’ve come and what the future may hold.

You can find the writings of Paul Adolina at his website!
Wresting With Film
And be sure to follow the associated Facebook page and Twitter (@ScoochSlam)

If you would like to watch the full Spiderman ’77 film that doubles as the pilot for the live action TV show, you can watch it here:

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TFR 110: Marvel #6 – Infinity Saga Wrap-Up

Welcome to sixth episode of our running series covering the MCU! This time around we are joined by guest Connor Clay to discuss the final set of films from the Infinity Saga, thus ending an era of the most ambitious serial undertaking put to film. But fear not! For we also have news from San Diego Comic-Con of what is to come, and it looks *glorious*. So come with us as we dive head first into the final films of an 11-year (and counting) undertaking.

Connor Clay is a gamer and fanfic writer, and can reach him and read/watch his adventures here:

Twitter: @NordRonnoc

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TSHS #52: Camp Oasis, Final Week! (W/Guest BeastieRocker!)

Ahoy, Campers! Your Counselors Ninny and Alfonzo here with Guest Speaker BeastieRocker!! This week is our final week of Camp Oasis, and we are celebrating by honoring the adults we grew up with who made a difference in our lives! We are also announcing the winner of our Cringe-Worthy Summer Camp story contest! And of course shipping! So come join our last week blast!

TFR 109: Get Out

Welcome to our episode on Jordan Peele’s now horror classic Get Out!

We recorded this episode on April 4, 2018 – a little over a year ago. Albert was originally going to cut out all mentions that date this recording, but a) there are too many mentions and b) it turns out that said mentions aged really, really well. So enjoy!

Note: The Film Room episode backlog has only 2 episodes left before we start delivering you fresh new content! Stay tuned!!

Poster by Edgar Ascensão

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TSHS #51: Bonfire Night! (Camp Oasis, Week 6)

Ahoy, Campers! Your Counselors Ninny and Alfonzo here! Well, we are in week 6 of 8 here at Camp Oasis, and we thought we’d chill a bit this week with a loose nerd chat around the bonfire. We both saw Spiderman: Far From Home, so expect a few minor spoilers! So get out your smores and beverage of choice as we kick back and chat it up!

TFR 108: 2008 Pt. 4 (November-December)

Welcome to the capper of our 4-part series on the films of 2008!

With this installment we say goodbye to a year of hits and misses and everything in between. (Can you believe Daniel Craig has been bond for a little over a decade now?) Everything from Quantum of Solace to …ugh… The Spirit.. we wrap up the year. So sit back and enjoy and be sure to tune in next week for some newer content!


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TSHS #50: Camp Oasis, Week 5!

Ahoy, Campers! Your Counselors Ninny and Alfonzo here, and welcome to week 5 of beautiful Camp Oasis! This week is more stories of camp, nerdly obsessions, and much much more! Also don’t forget to enter our summer contest, only three weeks left to get your embarrassing summer stories in to our email inboxes!