TFR 90: Easter Sunday (Ragsdale Finale)

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This week we pay tribute to our friend, filmmaker Harold Ragsdale, who went out in a literal blaze of glory when his hotel room caught fire on New Year’s Eve this last year. He had just that day supervised the final cut of what would turn out to be his final film, the religious ensemble Easter Sunday. Since it is a religious film, we of course brought in Thomas to help us out in picking this one apart. (We SWEAR we’ll have you on for a good film soon, Thomas).

Harold, this one’s for you! RIP, sir.

Bonus: a look at another, equally awful Christian epic from Sebastian Villegas.

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Thanks for taking our journey through Harold Ragsdale’s movie universe with us. We hope you enjoyed it!
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TFR 61: NeoNightmare (Ragsdale Part II)

Welcome to our third annual April 1st edition of The Film Room!

This week we take a look at the second coming of the career of Harold Ragsdale, specifically the 1994-1999 Cybergun Films era. Even MORE specifically, we are covering the most successful of Cybergun’s ventures, 1995’s NeoNightmare (Neon-Nightmare). What happens when the Y2K bug infects all of a small tourist town’s neon signs? Chaos, that’s what! Hear us pick apart this bizarre relic of computer-effects-ridden film that is also clueless about how computers work.
Please enjoy The Ballad of Harold Ragsdale Part 2: Electric Boogaloo!
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TFR 33: Penguigeddon

We wrap up our week-long tribute to Galatea Films by reviewing their most batshit (or penguin-shit) film, Penguigeddon!

We’ve been waiting a LONG time for this one. We came upon this film (and subsequently the film company) when Austin found it advertised in a Russellville, Arkansas newspaper archive, reading “When the penguins attack, we all die!” Well, Austin was finally able to track down a bootleg copy of the film, and what emerges is a fucked-up lost piece of film history that you have to see to believe. Unfortunately we couldn’t include clips due to a deal with the mostly reclusive filmmakers, BUT we hope you have fun hearing us try to describe the experience!
Embedded soundtrack: Lost Themes by John Carpenter
End song: “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” by Alice Cooper
We were also able to secure copies of Galatea’s other works, mostly thanks to Ezekiel Breckenridge. (We were told to destroy them immediately afterwords, but we’re at least able to talk about them.)
Read our week of Tributes!
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TFR 21b: Some Extra Notes

At last our great cast on parody was released! Putzs that we are, we forgot to include a few things. Really, we tried to include everything! I think you’ll appreciate this little addendum minisode to complement the main cast. Let it be known that we are completionists
For future, we will try to be less careless in our endeavors. Our policy for you, our listeners, is quality! Our best foot forward! Let’s put our little mishap to rights now. So without further ado, our addendum!
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TFR 21: The Golden Age of Parody


Welcome to our tribute to the greatest parody team to have ever hit the film scene! Who are they? Well, it’s Top Secret! You’d have to hire a Police Squad with some pretty Naked Guns to pry it out of us. Why the secrecy? Are we such Hot Shots to think you won’t be able to guess who made so many great Kentucky Fried Movi– okay you get the idea, just listen to the cast.
And don’t call us Shirley.
Music selections in this episode include:
Cantata 140, Chorus by Johann Sebastian Bach
Rondino in E flat for Wind Octet by Ludwig van Beethoven
Moonlight Sonata, 3rd Movement by Ludwig van Beethoven
Gamba Sonata in G, 3rd Movement by Johann Sebastian Bach
Violin Concerto, 3rd Movement by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Der Hirt auf dem Felsen by Franz Schubert
Fantasy in C Major, “Wanderer” by Franz Schubert
Sonata in B flat by Franz Schubert
English Suite #3 by Johann Sebastian Bach
Klavierkonzert in D by Johann Sebastian Bach
Symphonie #5 in C by Johann Sebastian Bach
1812 Overture by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Piano Sonata in G Major by Franz Schubert