TFR 82: 2 God 2 Dead (w/Guest Zephyr Ash)

Ho ho ho! Do we have a Christmas present for you!

Thanks to our wonderful patrons (you have NO idea how much fun we are having with a website at our disposal, thankyouthankyouthankyou!), we return with the long-promised sequel to God’s Not Dead, aptly titled God’s Not Dead 2. Though not as.. toxic as the original, this one is its own special kind of bad. This Little-Rock-shot, Melissa-Joan-Hart-starring bundle of awful makes so much mockery of the legal system, that you’ll wish the characters of My Cousin Vinny would swoop in and kick their asses. Oh yeah, and Laura Palmer’s father is the prosecuting attorney, so have fun with that.

There’s just so much so say about this film that we can’t fit into a blog blurb, so join us, won’t you, for God’s Not Dead: Dead Harder!


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TFR 81: Love, Finally

Yes, we have two Christmas Specials for you this year! Only one actually having to do with Christmas! At long last we are covering the Christmas classic Love, Actually.

Made in 2003 and inspiration to at least half a dozen holiday-themed films that failed to capture lightning in a bottle twice, this film has, over time, become a Christmas staple along with the likes of neo-classics Elf and Jingle All the Way (wait a couple years, we might cover that one). With the all-star cast, great Brit humor, moving plot threads, and overall Christmas-ness of it, who could hate it?


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