TFR 114: Change the Channel

Welcome back! This week we have frequent guest Zephyr back for a special update to our State of Criticism cast. For this discussion we focus on Not So Awesome, a document released by former members of Channel Awesome documenting what happened during their tenure at the site. We go over our thoughts on the document, as Zephyr, a long-time Wall fan, unloads on Nostalgia Critic’s latest parody video on The Wall. Tune in!

You can read the document here, and draw your own conclusions on what to make of this whole debacle.

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TFR 92: That’s Problematic


This week we decided to follow up on Al’s article on how to deal with problematic art with a full-on episode. It’s a big topic and we absolutely can’t cover everything, but we can certainly take a bite out of the issue. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts via Twitter or Facebook.

Now please enjoy this completely unrelated picture of Woody Allen at the beginning of Annie Hall.

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Thanks for taking our journey through Harold Ragsdale’s movie universe with us. We hope you enjoyed it!
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TFR 48: NC-17 for Dialogue and Strong Language

Welcome to our explict-rated cast!

This episode has been a long time coming; we’re going to talk frankly about the MPAA. We buckle down and get serious as we go through a brief history of the ratings board, and talk why the system is damaging and needs to be reformed.
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TFR 24: For All Audiences


This week Austin and Albert discuss trailers! Or, more specifically when they LIE to you. These can range anywhere from small white lies like misrepresenting who the star is, right down to outright telling the audience that the film is about something it’s not. Join us as we poke and prod the weird world of movie marketing!
Thanks to for providing a useful resource in this week’s episode.
Trailers discussed include (click for link):
Effective trailers:
Star Misrepresentation:
Deleted Scenes Trailer:
Mispresentation of Genre:
Outright Lies:
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