TFR: Marvel Infinity Summit #1 (Live in Little Rock)

Join Austin, Al, returning guest Zephyr, his boy Nathan, and newcomer Sebastian for the first Infinity Summit! We gathered at Austin’s place in Little Rock for one purpose: to discuss Avengers: Infinity War!


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TFR Special: Attack of the Fandoms w/Guest Samantha Walker


This week’s episode is a sequel to our Fandom Menace cast, expanding and updating our thoughts on the state of fandom, this time specifically focusing on this past Oscar season. Joining us for this expansion is Ms. Samantha Walker, film critic! We talk everything from Get Out to Three Billboards to Shape of Water to Ready Player One to taking on the most controversial movie of last year, The Last Jedi.

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TFR Special: Equestria Boys w/Guest Zephyr Ash

Hey Bronies and Pegasisters! In honor of the theatrical My Little Pony movie that came out earlier this month, we’re having returning guest Zephyr on to Brony it up with Al and Austin! This week, we discuss the first two Equestria Girls films, the human-occupied offshoot of the Friendship is Magic juggernaut. What do we think? Get the opinions of a certified Bronie, a Pegasister, and a non-Brony within!

TFR 96: Prodigy (w/Guests Alex Haughey, Brian Vidal, Richard Neil, and Savannah Liles)

Hello and welcome to a very special edition of The Film Room!

This week we talk to the makers of the independent film Prodigy! We have filmmakers Alex Haughey and Brian Vidal, as well as lead actors Richard Neil and Savannah Liles! Straight from their success out of the Kansas City Filmfest, the cast and crew of this wonderful film talk inspirations as well as what went into making it. Keep on the lookout for its release, we highly recommend it!

Massive Spoiler Alert on, but it doesn’t ruin the experience.

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TFR 95: Rogue Wonderful W/Guest Paul Andolina

I am one with the Force, the Force is with me, I am one with the Force, the Force is with me…

Welcome, Star Wars fans! We said we weren’t going to do a full episode on Rogue One, but well… we lied! Actually, this one is a much welcome Patreon request from Paul Adolina, who is also our guest!

So here we talk what makes Rogue One so special, namely that it’s a Star Wars movie with all the war movie tropes put in! All new characters (along with a few familiar faces), and a great story that was only hinted at in the main trilogy!

Come join us as we explore the most unique Star Wars film to date!

Paul Andolina runs the blog Wrestling With Film. Click here to check it out!

Paul’s Twitter: @ScoochSlam

Paul’s Instagram

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Up next: Prodigy!

TFR 93: Steven of All Trades (w/Guest Shaun Higgins)

Hello, all! Say, it’s been a while since we’ve done a director retrospective, hasn’t it? It’s a big job, so we brought in mega Soderbergh fan Shaun Higgins to help us! (..okay, he suggested it and we agreed we were sorely lacking on Soderbergh coverage.)

Join us as we talk every experiment Soderbergh has done from The Girlfriend Experience to the Oceans films to The Informant! to Traffic to etc, etc. Each film may as well be its own genre of movie as different from one another as they are! So strap in as we explore the career of a true journeyman!

Check out Shaun’s website at Hello Wizard and his Vimeo!

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TFR 90: Easter Sunday (Ragsdale Finale)

Hello and welcome!

This week we pay tribute to our friend, filmmaker Harold Ragsdale, who went out in a literal blaze of glory when his hotel room caught fire on New Year’s Eve this last year. He had just that day supervised the final cut of what would turn out to be his final film, the religious ensemble Easter Sunday. Since it is a religious film, we of course brought in Thomas to help us out in picking this one apart. (We SWEAR we’ll have you on for a good film soon, Thomas).

Harold, this one’s for you! RIP, sir.

Bonus: a look at another, equally awful Christian epic from Sebastian Villegas.

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Thanks for taking our journey through Harold Ragsdale’s movie universe with us. We hope you enjoyed it!
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TFR 83: Predestined (w/Guest AJ Muller)

As you may well know, Time Travel is an easy way to sell a film for us. Not always, but say it involves time travel, and we’re all “go onnnn..”. WELL strap in because this week have the mother (and father) of all time travel films to talk about, and we have a guest along for the ride!

We have columnist AJ Muller with us to talk Predestination! A movie that was seemingly dropped into the filmic landscape with no other explanation besides itself, Predestination is impossible to talk about with delving into MASSIVE spoilers, so be warned.. this cast is one giant spoiler. HOWEVER that’s not to say that knowing what happens prepares you for the film, because it does not. So grab your seatbelts folks, as we talk Predestination!

You can find AJ Muller’s writings at Daily Grindhouse as well as Horror View, where you can read his article on Predestination.

You can also find AJ on Twitter: @aj_macready


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TFR 82: 2 God 2 Dead (w/Guest Zephyr Ash)

Ho ho ho! Do we have a Christmas present for you!

Thanks to our wonderful patrons (you have NO idea how much fun we are having with a website at our disposal, thankyouthankyouthankyou!), we return with the long-promised sequel to God’s Not Dead, aptly titled God’s Not Dead 2. Though not as.. toxic as the original, this one is its own special kind of bad. This Little-Rock-shot, Melissa-Joan-Hart-starring bundle of awful makes so much mockery of the legal system, that you’ll wish the characters of My Cousin Vinny would swoop in and kick their asses. Oh yeah, and Laura Palmer’s father is the prosecuting attorney, so have fun with that.

There’s just so much so say about this film that we can’t fit into a blog blurb, so join us, won’t you, for God’s Not Dead: Dead Harder!


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TFR 79: Yearbook 2006 (In Person w/Guest Amanda Shinn)

Hello hello and welcome!

This episode is very special because – while it is not our first attempt – it is our most successful attempt at recording in person! Al went down to Little Rock to see Austin and Amanda for the first time since their wedding, and while they were all together, they recorded a 2-hour-long live episode!

This is basically a recorded version of Austin’s Yearbook column, where we focus on the magical land that was 10 years ago. We do a broad sweep of ALL the major releases that year. Hear us dig up long-forgotten treasures, wax on the films we still love, and on films we don’t love so well.

Enjoy this rare live cast! (It’ll happen again in July.)

Al’s back door


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