TFR Special: Attack of the Fandoms w/Guest Samantha Walker


This week’s episode is a sequel to our Fandom Menace cast, expanding and updating our thoughts on the state of fandom, this time specifically focusing on this past Oscar season. Joining us for this expansion is Ms. Samantha Walker, film critic! We talk everything from Get Out to Three Billboards to Shape of Water to Ready Player One to taking on the most controversial movie of last year, The Last Jedi.

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TFR 95: Rogue Wonderful W/Guest Paul Andolina

I am one with the Force, the Force is with me, I am one with the Force, the Force is with me…

Welcome, Star Wars fans! We said we weren’t going to do a full episode on Rogue One, but well… we lied! Actually, this one is a much welcome Patreon request from Paul Adolina, who is also our guest!

So here we talk what makes Rogue One so special, namely that it’s a Star Wars movie with all the war movie tropes put in! All new characters (along with a few familiar faces), and a great story that was only hinted at in the main trilogy!

Come join us as we explore the most unique Star Wars film to date!

Paul Andolina runs the blog Wrestling With Film. Click here to check it out!

Paul’s Twitter: @ScoochSlam

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TFR 89: Stinky the Hutt

Hey, does anybody remember the Star Wars animated film that came out in theaters around 2008? Me neither. …at least, that’s what we’d be saying if the resulting Cartoon Network animated series didn’t, um… get really good.

Yes, we’re covering the 2008 theatrical Clone Wars movie, aka the Thing That Almost Killed Star Wars As a Viable Franchise. Barring the actual Clone Wars series, we get into the nitty gritty of the era of Star Wars between Episodes III and the Disney takeover where George Lucas just sort of gave up. Between the awful pilot being released as a theatrical movie, the Dark Horse comics being subpar, and prospect of any more live action films being made basically dead, it was a dark time.

So grab your lightsabers and lets rip and tear Clone Wars: Hutt Family Reunion!

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