Solo Minisode: Austin v Batman v Superman

Well this had to happen. Austin finally gives his full thoughts on Batman v Superman. What exactly does he make of this odd, odd movie? Is it possible a movie is both really entertaining and really poorly made? Why the jar of … you know? Find out.

TFR Mini (Live): Doctor Strange

In this special in-person minisode, we discuss Doctor Strange (which we also saw in-person)!

What, don’t believe us? Here’s a photo!


Full live episode to come!

For more of Shaun’s thoughts on the racebending in Doctor Strange, follow his twitter feed: @NoTotally


TFR Solo Austin: Doomed!

In this special solo review, Austin takes a look at the much anticipated documentary Doomed: The Untold Story of Roger Corman’s The Fantastic Four. Does he find it worth watching or does it belong shelved? Find out!


TFR Solo Austin: Unamerican

In this minisode, Austin looks back at Team America: World Police. Over the course of 18 minutes, he dissects everything wrong with Parker and Stone’s heavily hyped but ultimately hard to watch misfire.


10 Cloverfield Lane: Austin’s Review

Out on VOD now, 10 Cloverfield Lane baffled us at the beginning of the year with its ambiguous status as a maybe sequel to the 2008 hit Cloverfield. Was it? That’s not clear. What is clear is Austin has a lot to say on it in this special solo audio review. Check it out!


TFR Mini: The Force Awakins

Guess which movie we saw?

Okay, so it’a couple months out at this point, but it’s no lesa hot topic! That’s right, Austin and Al went to see the LONG-awaited Star Wars: Episode VII, and needless to say we both loved it! Here, you’ll find our initial reactions to the film, our thoughts on how it fits into the overall narrative, the new characters, the old characters, and most important, where it’ll go from here. Hope you enjoy!
Moderate Spoilers
BONUS: Al also saw Road Chip. Hear his thoughts on the Patreon soon!

TFR Patreon Special: Not To Be Critical

Welcome! This episode was published in September, and it’s Patreon window has expired! Therefore we now break it out of the vault to share with the world!

Today we are discussing a trend in YouTube critics that needs to die. Namely, groupthink and its effect on how we consume pop culture. Yeah, this is some heavy stuff. BUT we feel it needs to said. We take on our divorce from the likes of Nostalgia Critic, and also uplift those critics that we think deserve some attention. So join us!

Because this was recorded when we only had two patrons, we also extend our thanks to Sean, Nathan, and Bridgett! Thanks!

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