TFR: The Neighbors Chronicles Part 5

Triple Vanillawhogivesafuck, welcome to the Emmy special!

Okay, it’s not really a special since it’s never going to win an Emmy, but we did double up! This cast covers episode 5: Ricky Rick Takes Over and episode 6: Triple Vanilla Sex (We are so tired of hearing that phrase). Wiseau surprise-released these episodes, so of course we’re back with no break. Hopefully this time..
Also enjoy Ricky Rick’s After Effects Abs™ (It’s much worse in motion):

TFR: The Neighbors Chronicles Part 4

Hello and weeelcome to the Ricky Rick takeover ah-hahaha

Wats this white dangly thing how does it work wayy does it make that clicking sound I JUS WANA oh there it goes
so wats new with you guys did you enjoy my episode?, I was star! Screw that manager guy i hope he naaaver come back from vacation
my frands and i never did go that burning criiime sppree I hope we do that in a latre episode, huuuuh?
anyways I listened to these guys talk about my episode, they obvously dont apreciate good entertainmet, but I guess you can listen to them anyway, is good publcity for my episode, just know THEIR WRONG
Anyways, enjoyyyy hahaha
Hey look its me only its not mee they used stunt double ahah
Oh hey these dorks have Patreon, go donate so they can give me more publcity

TFR: The Neighbors Chronicles – Part 3

Welcome to episode 3, entitled Sliding… Cake. Uuuhhhm.. okay.

Yeah, that title doesn’t make any more sense once you know the context. In fact a LOT of things don’t make any sense in this show, especially in context. Listen in amazement as we baffle our way through another episode of Tommy Wiseau’s The Neighbors. On the way, we uncover a saaaaad truth. Soo yeah, don’t miss that.

TFR: The Neighbors Chronicles – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of The Neighbors Chronicles! Hellllp uuuuusss…

We document the second episode of The Neighbors Chronicles, thankfully shorter, thankfully (slightly restrained), with 1000% more catchphrase power. Also the Princess of England! So much to look forward to!
Re: The clip at the end – I swear to Christ it plays out as-is, I did not mess with it in the slightest.
Check those title graphics!

TFR: The Neighbors Chronicles – Part 1

Welcome our new minisode miniseries, The Neighbors Chronicles!

As the title suggests, we’re reviewing each and every episode of The Neighbors. One. Fucking. Episode. At a time. This is our obligation to our namesake and the baffling nature of the mystery that is Tommy Wiseau. Please enjoy our torment as we try to pick through jokes dealing with shotguns, whipped cream, partial nudity, suggested chicken sex (don’t ask), and general randomness.
The Neighbors is viewable on Hulu Plus. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.