The Order of the Snoot


OOTS 3: Not Afraid to Burn in Hell? (Tiger King/Cecil Hotel) We call this third, our third meeting of the Snoots to order with a Netflix docuseries two-fer. We mark the beginning and the end (hopefully) of the quarantine by reminiscing about the crazy crazy big cat people of Tiger King. With Max and Theo (our own Big Cat), we sniff out the eccentricities of… Read more “OOTS 3: Not Afraid to Burn in Hell? (Tiger King/Cecil Hotel)”

OOTS 2: Nipple Lung? (The Santa Clarita Diet) Due to the wild success of the first meeting of our (totally secret) podcast, we call to order our second! This week, Max demands we review the Netflix Drew Barrymore creation The Santa Clarita Diet. You’ve probably seen this Zom Com hanging around Netflix on your streaming travels, but have you taken the time… Read more “OOTS 2: Nipple Lung? (The Santa Clarita Diet)”

OOTS 1: Fresca? (The Boys)

This first meeting of the Order is called into session! Primordial Snoot Max has determined that this week we shall review the Amazon series The Boys. Exploding heads? Perverted dolphins? Loads and loads of gore? Fresca? It’s all here and then some! And our commercial break will set out to prove that you don’t know… Read more “OOTS 1: Fresca? (The Boys)”

The Order of the Snoot:
A TV Binge Podcast …and definitely NOT a Cult!

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So you’re interested in the Order.. this is good. We are Snoofle Tab, Snozzit Al, and Premordial Snoot Max. Every episode we discuss a show we’ve binged, and Max will either give it the BARK of approval or the GROWL of distain. So join us and remember.. we are NOT a cult, and we do not sell cookies… yet.

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