The Order of the Snoot


TOOTS 7: The Dog-Gone Burger (Served on a Hotdog Bun) (Bob’s Burgers S1-12) Welcome to this, the seventh tasty meeting of the Order. This episode we delve into the world of the long-running Fox animated series Bob’s Burgers. We pig out over our favorite characters, episodes, season, and most importantly: the punny burger/store/pest control gags. (It took an hour for Al to attempt a burger gag for…


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The Order of the Snoot:
A TV Binge Podcast …and definitely NOT a Cult!

About Me

So you’re interested in the Order.. this is good. We are Snoofle Tab, Snozzit Al, and Premordial Snoot Max. Every episode we discuss a show we’ve binged, and Max will either give it the BARK of approval or the GROWL of distain. So join us and remember.. we are NOT a cult, and we do not sell cookies… yet.

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