The Order of the Snoot


OOTS 6: Alien Ant Farm‽ (Braindead) Why did it have to be ants? Welcome to this, our 6th meeting of the Order. This week we will be squirming at the brain-infesting bugs of the CBS 2016 political satire Braindead. Listen as, with Max’s help, we navigate the craziness of mind control ants (while Max attempts to fight off some ants… Read more “OOTS 6: Alien Ant Farm‽ (Braindead)”

OOTS 5: Jesk? (What We Do in the Shadows) Velcome! Ve invite you in to this, the fifth meeting of.. the order. This episode we venture into the world of the FX comedy vampire series created by Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement, What We Do in the Shadows. More than any other series we’ve covered thus far, we uh… guys, we geek out… Read more “OOTS 5: Jesk? (What We Do in the Shadows)”

OOTS 4: Purple Pepis? (WandaVision) This, our fourth session of The Order of the Snoot, has begun! This week Tab, Al, and a VERY active Max take a peek at WandVision, Marvel’s first Disney+ direct-to-MCU tie-in show. (Do NOT ask us to dissect that all those qualifiers, we’re begging you..) Our conversation takes us from 90’s nostalgia (aka the… Read more “OOTS 4: Purple Pepis? (WandaVision)”

OOTS 3: Not Afraid to Burn in Hell? (Tiger King/Cecil Hotel) We call this third, our third meeting of the Snoots to order with a Netflix docuseries two-fer. We mark the beginning and the end (hopefully) of the quarantine by reminiscing about the crazy crazy big cat people of Tiger King. With Max and Theo (our own Big Cat), we sniff out the eccentricities of… Read more “OOTS 3: Not Afraid to Burn in Hell? (Tiger King/Cecil Hotel)”


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The Order of the Snoot:
A TV Binge Podcast …and definitely NOT a Cult!

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So you’re interested in the Order.. this is good. We are Snoofle Tab, Snozzit Al, and Premordial Snoot Max. Every episode we discuss a show we’ve binged, and Max will either give it the BARK of approval or the GROWL of distain. So join us and remember.. we are NOT a cult, and we do not sell cookies… yet.

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