TFR 1: Enter The Room

Hello and welcome to our flagship episode! We are Austin and Albert, a couple of friends who live, breath, and dissect every inch of film we see. Austin is a writer out of Little Rock, and Albert is a filmmaker out of Kansas City. Together we are.. The Film Room! We kick off our podcasting venture by talking about none other than the legendary film by the great Tommy Wiseau, The Room. Witness our bafflement over what makes this film tick. Watch as we compare it against such other celluloid masterpieces as Troll 2 and Birdemic: Shock and Terror (which does contain both Shock and terror, but not in the original intent). Let’s journey through these magically bad films together, shall we? You can e-mail us at Twitter us at @FilmRoomCast Be sure to send suggestions for films and cast topics! Thanks for listening!

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