TFR: The Lost Tapes – A Feline Rescues Some Children

Merry Christmas! Do we have a present for you!

Welp, we’ve found a lower bar somehow. This is almost Birdemic bad; certainly more damaging. Because we like this one and prefer to leave it up, we’re not gonna say the name of the film in this description. Let’s just say a 40 year old man in a fursuit who may or may not be Cool is heavily involved in neighborhood kids’ lives. A little too heavily involved, if you ask us. ANYWAYS, it’s an hour and ten minutes worth of jumbled PSA on bullying and guns (separately for the most part). We reason why this film down more harm than good. Enjoy!
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TFR: The Lost Tapes – The Spirit

Welcome to another Lost Tapes episode! This one is far overdue, which only helps it earn the “Lost Tapes” title.

This time we take on Frank Miller’s The Spirit. A movie that’s trying so hard to be a PG-13 Sin City when it shouldn’t be. We rip apart the film and the cult of Frank Miller to its roots.
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TFR: The Lost Tapes – Birdeuxmic

Welcome to another Lost Tapes!

If you’ve been listening to us from the beginning, you all about amateur mess that is Birdemic: Shock and Terror. But did you know James Nguyen recently made a SEQUEL?
That’ s right, on a complete whim we decided to watch Birdemic 2: The Resurrection and what results is pure bafflement. Why did Nguyen feel the need to make this? What does this prove? What lessons can we take away? Is there even a lesson? We can’t answer these question, but we sure as hell try!
Enjoy our riffing of Birdemic 2!
Opening song: “Hangin’ Out With The Family” by Damien Carter
(from Birdemic: Shock and Terror)
Jaunty Tune: “Ding Dong Song” by 69 Boyz
Closing song: “Starlight” by Damien Carter
Editor’s note: We edit the Lost Tapes films down for time, listenablity, and comedic effect, often purposefully leaving sharp cuts to denote when this happens. However, with Birdemic 2, some of the sloppy audio cuts are in fact part of the film and were left in as is. We’ll leave you to guess which is which.
Awesome Official poster for Birdemic 2:
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TFR: The Lost Tapes – Fantastic 1994


Welcome to our Marvel bonus cast! This one lives up to the Lost Tapes name by truly being a Lost film! The unreleased, ultra-low-budget 1994 version of Fantastic Four is a thing that not only exists, but thanks to the efforts of some impassioned individuals with a YouTube account, is freely available to watch!
But why make a film and not release it? Was it that bad? Was it ever intended to be released? If so, why put so much effort into it?
Listen as Al and Austin dive into the film and come out with a few unexpected surprises.
NOTE: For our Lost Tapes riffs, we of course edit the films down to be listenable and riffable, so they usually wind up to be about half the film’s total length. And especially for this film, we recommend giving it a watch on your own, it’s a spectacle to behold. You can do so here.
Have some gifs!
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TFR: The Lost Tapes – A World He Never Made

Hello, everybody!

This time on The Lost Tapes, we riff Howard the Duck! Considered one of the worst flops of all time, Howard the Duck is a film adaptation of a then extremely popular Marvel comic of the same name, and one that we personally love. We compare the film to the comic; what they got right, what they missed, and where they REALLY went off the rails.
So come sing along with the totally-not-forgettable theme song as we dive head first into Howard the Duck: The Movie!
(Hastily supercut by Al)
(P.S. We’re sure Cleveland is a lovely city to visit.)
Closing: Duck Hunt SSBC Remix by Leon
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TFR: The Lost Tapes – The Whimsical World of Mary Crawford

Welcome to another Lost Tapes edition of The Film Room!

This time we gaze into a mouth-shaped deep, dark abyss; we watch David DeCoteau’s A Talking Cat!?! (punctuation not ours), a family film that features notable actor Eric Roberts as the titular talking cat(!?!). Did we mention it was shot on the same set as some (extremely) soft core porn? By the same director? Did we?

After tumbling down the no-budget no-effort film hole, we try to climb our way back out by thoroughly picking it, and the importance of base filmmaking, apart at the seams.

This is The Whimsical World of Mary Crawford!

Opening Song: I’m a Stupid Cat! (Buy on iTunes)

A Talking Cat!?!: The Movie: The Tumblr

A Talking Cat!?! is The Room of anthropomorphic animal movies – Onion AV Club 

Onion AV Club interviews Eric Roberts

Laine Perez’s Twitter (Great riffs)

Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Fans of My Little Pony (Documentary) 

Antisocial Commentary on Geek Juice Media

Red Letter Media‘s Half in the Bag: Jack and Jill Review

Look how similar all these actors look. JUST LOOK! How confusing!

This picture doesn’t even fully convey the cheapness of the talking effect. See below for video!

Video of the talking “effect”

Video of Duffy getting “healed”

Closing Song: La Cucamaracha – TNN

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TFR: The Lost Tapes – Oogiehate

Welcome, welcome to FUN! This is technically our Episode 0. About a month before we had the idea to start the cast, we partook in an experiment of sorts. We watched The Oogieloves in The Big Balloon Adventure and saved the resulting chat, spurring a discussion which germinated into the podcast you know today. What is contained within is a dramatic re-reading of that insane chat, with movie audio accompaniment. We discuss why this monumental theatrical flop not only doesn’t work as a film, but as a piece of children’s entertainment. We had a lot of fun doing this, and hope you will too! These are the lost tapes! E-mail us: Twitter us: @FilmRoomCast Albert: @PrimitiveManPrd Austin: @untitleduser You can find the original chat, “The Oogieloves: A Journey Into Madness” in its raw form here. Austin’s B-Movie Message Board review is here. Cinema Snob’s hilarious parking lot review of Oogieloves. End song: Upular (Up Remix) by Pogo Up Next (Really!): A Fish Called Wanda – The Career of John Cleese