TOOTS 6: Alien Ant Farm‽ (Braindead)

Why did it have to be ants? Welcome to this, our 6th meeting of the Order. This week we will be squirming at the brain-infesting bugs of the CBS 2016 political satire Braindead. Listen as, with Max’s help, we navigate the craziness of mind control ants (while Max attempts to fight off some ants of his own, if you know what we mean). Also join us as we recount the D&D exploits of our party,  P.U.R.P.L.E. as we start a new campaign and face almost certain death.

You can watch Braindead on Paramount+ (which only has 12 of the 13 episodes as of this posting) or free with commercials and in full on Tubi.

P.U.R.P.L.E. intro/outro music “Medieval Kombat” by stantough on Youtube. Max/Theo Bard Kombat remix by Albert Wiltfong.

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Podcast Art by Albert Wiltfong

Theme composed and performed by Albert Wiltfong and Tab Smith using GarageBand

Up next: Bob’s Burgers

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