OPX 24: A Film Left Unspinached (Keep Circulating the Tapes, Pt II)

The Omniplex is open, and so is this lost film canister full of spinach! While the larger conversation is on lost media (hard looking at you, HBO Max..) today we talk about the unearthed full-length animatic of Genndy Tartakovsky’s unmade animated Popeye movie. What would it have been? Why did it get cancelled? We are not here today to answer those very specific questions, but we take a good hard look at what’s there and what might’ve been if it had gone through final animation, voice, and possible producer notes. So come join us as we pop open this can of spinach!

While we aren’t going to provide a direct link to the film’s animatic, if you enter “Genndy Tartakovsky popeye animatic” into a search engine, you’ll find it easy.

Popeye animatic still



And here’s a screenshot of the Nintendo Switch Popeye game that has Playstation 2 quality graphics. (It’s not much better in motion…)
Popeye Switch

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Podcast Art by Amy Blue (shylostconfused)

Logo Art by Albert Wiltfong using Marquee font

“Glasses” by Jonathan Coulton is licensed under CC BY-NC 3.0

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